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From the green hills and lochs of Scotland to the great deserts of West Texas, Tartan Twang is the ultimate cultural exchange for young musicians.

Tartan Twang brings young Scottish musicians to Texas and Texas musicians to Scotland. It’s hard to fathom how different two places can be, but music is the ultimate bridge between cultures and places.

Our next tour is to Scotland in May 2024. E-mail us to take part!

Each exchange is between eight and ten days and includes:

  • Workshops established musicians, venue owners, and seasoned performers
  • Industry advice
  • Songwriting, performance anxiety, public speaking, effective collaboration, business management, and gig logistics are examples of workshop subjects.
  • Community venues such as schools and libraries
  • Local clubs and dance halls
  • Performing and staying overnight at big Texas ranches as well as the pubs of Glasgow
  • Sightseeing and tours

Why Tartan Twang?

When you take part in a Tartan Twang program, you’ll have a deeper appreciation not only for the places and cultures you visit but also for your musical journey.

You’ll have gained experience dealing with all the challenges of performing on the road, far from home: Problem-solving, asking for help, supporting others, and organizing a creative business venture. You’ll learn from performers who have already experienced the challenges of the industry, hear stories about those who came before them and have opportunities to ask questions of people who have real answers. You’ll see places and meet people far outside your comfort zones, make new friends for life, and add a great deal to your Curriculum Vitae.

Sandy Devers

Head Honcho, Scotland

Sandy Devers is the CEO of a non-profit organization that supports adults with learning disabilities and other life challenges. He is passionate about supporting people to realize their potential. He is a native of Glasgow who now calls Kelso his home. A seasoned performer, he has toured the US for nearly 40 years, bringing Scottish and Irish folk music, and taking home American favorites.

Danielle Gallo

Head Honcho, Texas

Danielle Gallo is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, who settled in Marathon, Texas. An expert outdoorsman, she worked for the National Park and National Forest Services before turning to rural economic development. She is an experienced outdoor guide in West Texas and Northern Mexico who helps build local economies through collaboration, creativity and environmental stewardship.

Sponsor Tartan Twang and help us share the music.

Part of our goal is to make Tartan Twang accessible to young people from any economic background. Even small sponsorships can help us ease the economic burden of international travel. Food, flights, lodging, transportation, equipment rental, workshops and cultural experiences are all considerable costs! Participants are expected to engage in fundraising before their trips to help ease the burden, as well as get a head start on working with each other and designing performances. Sponsorships from individuals and businesses in the communities where performances take place can help ensure that Tartan Twang can provide programs even in disadvantaged communities. All contributions go directly toward paying program costs.

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